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About Social Organizations

Social Culture Organizations (OS) are an administration model established in Complementary Law n° 846/98, from Governor Mário Covas’s administration. This Law allows the transformation of non-profit institutions that already act in the cultural area into Social Organizations, transferring to them the responsibility of managing public spaces previously managed by the State Secretariat of Culture.

An OS will never own a state space, it only assumes the administration, which is done under the scrutiny of a board of directors and based on the management agreement, both approved by the respective Secretariat departments. In the event of the Organization’s non-compliance with what is established in the agreement, the board can determine their disqualification and other sanctions.

Social Organizations are one more measure in the sense of transforming the Government of the State of São Paulo into a public-policy management instrument, leaving the execution activity up to the market, which makes the measurement of better results flexible with fewer resources. Another important point in this measure is the follow up done by the population.

Legislation applied to the OS (Social Organizations):