ACAM Portinari

Founded on November 27, 1996, ACAM Portinari (Association to Support the Casa de Portinari Museum), manages four cultural assets belonging to the State Government in the São Paulo countryside: Casa de Portinari Museum, in Brodowski, Felicia Leirner Museum and Claudio Santoro Auditorium, in Campos do Jordão, H. P. India Vanuíre Museum, in Tupã, and Museum of Indigenous Cultures, in São Paulo.

ACAM Portinari’s main objective is the development of the cultural area, particularly the museological, through technical/operational and financial collaborations. Through its work, the Association provides subsidies that favor the qualification of institutions as regional centers of reference in the museological area and radiating poles of public policies of the Secretariat of Creative Culture, Economy and Industry of the State of São Paulo.

Foto da fachada da ACAM Portinari


As a Social Organization, ACAM Portinari’s mission is to manage museological units through the research, conservation and diffusion of the collections with social-environmental responsibility, contributing to human development and committing to social justice, democracy and citizenship.


To be a reference in the management of cultural equipment in the museological area based on principles of cost-effectiveness, transparency and technical quality of the services provided.


  • Quality services;
  • Committed and accomplished work teams;
  • Responsibility with the preservation and conservation of assets;
  • Responsibility with sustainability;
  • Responsibility with ethics;
  • Social commitments;
  • Educational commitments.


  • To work effectively in the management to preserve and spread the assets and memories;
  • To continuously seek improvement in the provision of services and in the relationship with its public through efficient management of the museum equipment.

Social Organizations

Social Culture Organizations (OS) are a management model established in Complementary Law n° 846/98, of the Governor Mário Covas’ administration. This law allows transforming non-profit institutions that already operate in the cultural area into Social Organizations, transferring to them the responsibility of managing public spaces previously managed by the State Secretariat of Culture.

An OS will never own a state space, it only takes over the administration that is done under the supervision of a Directors’ Board and based on the management agreement. Both are approved by the respective Secretariat departments. If the Organization fails to comply with the agreement, they can determine its disqualification and other sanctions. 

The Social Organizations are one more step towards transforming the São Paulo State Government into a public policy management instrument, leaving the market in charge of the execution activity, which makes it more flexible to measure better results at lower costs. Another important point of this measure is the follow-up that can be carried out by the population.

Legislation applied to the OS (Social Organizations):

  • Complementary Law n° 846/98
  • Decree n° 43.493/98
  • Decree n° 50.611/2006
  • Law n° 9.637/98
  • Law n° 9.790/99

Location and Working Hours

The ACAM Portinari is headquartered in the city of Brodowski, in São Paulo State countryside, approximately 330 km from the capital. The main access is via Candido Portinari highway, between Ribeirão Preto (23 km) and Batatais (12 km), at the following address:

Rua João Brisotti, 128
Centro – Brodowski/SP
CEP 14340-000

Telephone: (+55) (16) 3664-6644
Working Hour: Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm
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