Actions to Support SISEM

Besides managing four state museums and an auditorium, ACAM Portinari also supports the actions of SISEM-SP (State Museums System), an organ from the Secretariat of Creative Culture, Economy and Industry of the São Paulo State. SISEM-SP gathers and systematizes the state museums, aiming to promote the institutional qualification and strengthening in favor of preservation, research and diffusion of the State museological collection. In their last mapping, done in 2010, 415 private and public museological institutions were identified, located in over 190 cities of the state. Among the several actions provided for in the partnership, we highlight the following


It is an annual conference that gathers managers, professionals and students of national and paulista (from São Paulo state) museological fields. Every year, a specific theme is defined to guide the talks and debates. Promoted since 2009, until its tenth edition, all the events had taken place in the capital of the state. Aiming to broaden the discussions, especially among museum professionals from the countryside and coast of São Paulo state and, also after listening to the participants’ evaluation, it has been decided that in even-numbered years, EPM will take place in São Paulo, and in odd-numbered years, EPMi – Itinerant Meeting of São Paulo State Museums – will be promoted in other cities. It will allow an extension of the period of reflection on the theme, in six events throughout the year, one in each macro-region. Learn more here.


Action of combining training and technical support, in order to serve two bases of initiatives from SISEM-SP in a single project of long-term duration, whose results must be concrete, such as organizing storage areas and the collection, renovation of the exhibition, development of education service. Gathering theoretical contents and hands-on activities, the ASTECAs aim to contribute to the exchange of professional experiences and permit the participants to work as direct agents on the technical and institutional development of the museums that host the initiative.


Meetings of the Regional Agents from SISEM-SP, made of 35 incumbents and 35 substitutes, from the 24 regional agencies of the state of São Paulo, to produce diagnosis, experience exchanges, proposing actions and defining guidelines for the museological field of São Paulo. Held twice a year, these conferences are professional meetings where the regional agents with incumbent mandate, during two days, take part into assessment activities, systematizing, discussion of priorities and development of proposals, contributing to the definition of the annual program of actions of SISEM.


The exhibitions are sent to several institutions from the state of São Paulo, promoting collections and developing the cultural calendar of the state. The exhibitions are held in all administrative regions, respecting the demands of each region, and aim not only to contribute to the promotion and qualification of the short-term schedule of these museums, but also to diffuse the collections and increase the people’s cultural knowledge.


Through reflexive-practical activities, hired professionals present themes related to sections of the museological field to improve the work of the institutions of the state.


Support the continuation and finalization of the transference of Historical and Pedagogical Museums to the cities, especially by checking and cleaning the collections, proposing technical visits to guide and support the museums and the cities, aiming to strengthen these institutions in order to receive the state collections donations.


Technical visits to assess the information about the stages of the CEM-SP, provided by the institutions, and consequently, writing technical reports with guidance based on the standards of the register.

ACAM Portinari has worked directly on the Work Group that developed and conceptualized the State Register of São Paulo Museums. In a partnership with SISEM-SP, they released the Environment of Friendly Data Digital Platform (ADA), which is responsible for the management of all information of the register of the museological institutions of São Paulo and works as an information storage of all initiatives developed by the State Museums System and their partners. Analyzed in groups, the data of ADA Platform generates reports that aim to offer support that promotes the development of public policies for the field of museums of the state of São Paulo.

The SISEM squad of support is also responsible for the technical visits to assess the institutions that may be interested in joining the CEM-SP, whose information will result in technical and diagnostic reports. Those reports will be offered to each museum that will conclude their register process.