Museum of Indigenous Cultures

Located in the capital city of São Paulo, the Museum of Indigenous Cultures (MCI) is an institution under the Secretariat of Creative Culture, Economy and Industry of the Government of the State of São Paulo. The space is managed by ACAM Portinari (Cultural Association for the Support of the Portinari House Museum), in partnership with the Maracá Institute and the Aty Mirim Council.

Inaugurated in 2022, the museum proposes a shared management model that will be built throughout the experience, aiming to strengthen indigenous leadership and participation. Its agenda includes fostering artistic production from various indigenous ethnicities, as well as providing a platform for dialogue on contemporary issues relevant to the preservation of indigenous culture and memory.

In this context, the MCI promotes the work of multidisciplinary artists and approaches museology from an indigenous perspective. It also addresses colonial misconceptions about the diverse cultures of indigenous peoples, their beliefs, cultures, and languages.

The MCI is an intercultural space for the meeting and sharing of messages, ideas, knowledge, philosophies, music, and arts between indigenous and non-indigenous peoples. It serves as a platform for recognizing the history of Brazil.


Museum of Indigenous Cultures
Address: Rua Dona Germaine Burchard, 451 – Água Branca, São Paulo/SP
Working Times: Tuesday to Sunday, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Thursdays until 8:00 PM; closed on Mondays (except for holidays)
Admission: Full price R$15.00 and half price R$7.50; free on Thursdays
Tickets: online by Sympla
(please check our free admission policy)
Information: +55 (11) 3873-1541

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